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Image copyright

You might be surpised to hear that image that you are using on your website and other printed materials may not be adhering to copyright standards.

In this article, Sharp Communication provides some insights into image copyright when it comes to using imagery on your site, blog and printed materials.

Images that you find on google are not generally free – they belong to someone. A better solution is to purchase credits from image sites such as Dreamstime, istockphoto or BigStock photo offer the option to register free and purchase credits.

Sites such as flickr provide free images for use subject to creative commons license – see Creative Commons for rules on how to attribute the author.

Size matters

If you are downloading images for your website, the small version is fine if its for a blog post or image within the page.

If you want to design a banner image, download at least the medium size fit the width of the page.

Large file sizes are generally used for print.

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photo credit: giulia.forsythe via photopin cc

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